Ty Davison

Ty is the founder of MacAtoZ a consulting firm in Salem, OR. As Ty says: “At its core, our Mission is three words: We help people. Our expertise lies in Apple-related technology, so that’s where we can most readily improve people’s lives. That said, “with their Apple technology” is not meant as a hard limit. If we can help people in other ways, we will.

We stand in opposition to people suffering because of their technology. That is the problem we’re trying to solve for our clients and is, in large measure, why MacAtoZ exists.

Ty is a an Apple-certified Senior Support Professional. His frequent presentations on Apple hardware, software and other technology products are a key part of many SMUG meetings throughout the year.

During the October meeting Ty announced he has formed a new rock band named Noisy Primates. Check out their first album “Empires Fall“.