Richard Milewski

Richard is a retired refugee from Silicon Valley and dedicated technology dabbler. His first encounter with computers was with Fortran on an IBM 7090. He founded The Software Works where he wrote application software for North Star disk systems, and ApplePost for the Apple II. It was first the Apple-branded application software sold by Apple. The Software Works was merged with Trademark Software where he produced products written in Forth for Rolodex and Kodak. Trademark was eventually acquired by Dow Jones & Co.

He was a columnist with Creative Computing writing the Apple Orchard column, and Editor-in-Chief at InfoWorld when the IBM PC was introduced. He went on to found RamPage Publishing which created an IVR fax-on-demand system that delivered office equipment datasheets for DataQuest, and a site that delivered aviation weather to WML and HTML enabled cell phones. After RamPage he joined NetSchools Corp. as Chief Technology Officer. NetSchools produced a complete school-wide laptop-per-student computing solution to over 400 schools in the late 1990’s.

After flunking retirement the first time, he spent 5 years at Mozilla, the non-profit home of the Firefox Browser, as Producer and Product Manager for AirMozilla, their streaming video service.

Richard has single engine fixed-wing and hot air balloon pilots licenses, as well as a commercial radiotelephone operator and amateur (ham) radio operator licenses.