December 8th, 2020

John Walker opened the meeting.  Warren King authorized Donna Pikl, via e-mail, to vote one his behalf.
Ty Davison moved that the October and November minutes be accepted as presented by e-mail.  Richard Milewski 
seconded it, and they were unanimously approved.

Richard Milewski will send email to members with a link to register. 

Ty Davison’s availability is limited due to Erins cancer treatment.  He could do  any Apple Products included on the Mac. which would not require further preparation. This could include iPhone, iPad.  Ty suggested maybe contacts for January meeting.  Richard Milewski suggested Air Drops as an option.

  Richard Milewski was to present 3D Printing at some point but he felt we would really need to be in-person for this presentation.  However, he would need a few months out to get ready with video cuts for a Zoom presentation.

Ty gave us a tentative YES for January presentation on Contacts.  Ty discussed that busy cal is another calendar program, but it is $50. to purchase. One Password could be another topic for February if Richard could not do his in February.

John Walker closed the meeting.

Thank You,
Donna PIkl, Secretary