January 12th, 2021

Board members present were John Walker, Donna Pikl, Donita Zwolak, Richard Milewski, Ty Davison. 

John Walker opened the meeting at 6pm.  It was moved and seconded to accept the minutes from December as emailed.  It was approved.

Richard Milewski briefed us on The oregon.apples.org domain, also realsmug.org would both be able to be accessed for about a year.

Ty will present on Apple Contacts tonight.

We discussed next months meeting and it will be Richard Milewski presenting on 3D printing.

Lots of suggestions were presented for March meeting and decided to ask the membership what they would like to be presented. 

Richard shared with us about an app called Kanopy.com.  This program allows us to use our Library card to stream 10 programs or movies a month.  There are also great courses.

We discussed organizing with perhaps Reminder or notes.  Also the use of Todo lists.  

Integrating Zoom links into Calendar seemed to be confusing, but it was decided just to cut and paste would work.

John Walker closed the meeting at 6:45 pm.

— Secretary, Donna Pikl