March 9th 2021

The meeting was opened at 6:05 P.M.   Those board members present were John Walker, Ty Davison, Donita Zwolak, Richard Milewski, and Donna Pikl.

The minutes as emailed were moved,  seconded, and passed unanimously.  

Treasures report was the same ongoing balance.  Donita Zwolak went to bank and the statements will be mailed to Donna Pikl’s address.

Old Business:

Tonights meeting is on Notes and Reminders Ty Davison presenting.  

April meeting will be “Revisiting Firefox”,  Richard Milewski will be presenting.

May meeting will be "Systems Preference Enhancements,” presented by Ty Davison.

New Business:

We addressed an email from Warren King concerning a time for possible in person meetings to return.  We decided we would take the issue up when Center 50+ opens again.

If we go to Real Smug on the U Tube Channel for February meeting we can view Richard Milewski making a cookie cuter with smug emblem using 3 D Printing.

Continuing Business: Web adjustment needed due to power outages to avoid potential problems.

John Walker Adjourned the meeting.

Donna Pikl