September 14th, 2021

Meeting was called to order 9-14-21 by John Walker.  The meeting was being recorded.  Dynee Medlock was suggested to be proxy for Ty Davison who could not attend. 

A motion was made and second to approve the minutes from July (since we didn’t meet in August).

It was confirmed that we have 4 months prepaid (credit) at Center 50+. When we do meet in person at 50+, it will require masks and we can only eat food that we bring for ourselves.  Richard Milewski suggested that we wait until November to do in-person meetings.  We will evaluate month to month due to the number of new cases of Covid.

Dynee will speak tonight on iPhone Apps.

Octobers meeting will be on mail alternatives on varied devices.

November Meeting will be Turkey recipes, New products, new officer candidates, so we can vote on the new slate of officers in December.

We discussed mail and the board meeting was closed.