November 9th, 2021

The meeting was called to order by John Walker November 9, 2021 at 6:11 pm.  Board members present were John Walker, Ty Davison, Richard Milewski, Donna Pikl, and Donita Zwolak.

Ty moved to accept minutes as emailed, Richard 2nd and they were unanimously approved.

Discussion on the possibility of Bank Charges if no activity was shown on the account.  Donna Pikl was to talk to the bank.

Ty will speak tonight on various Apple Products.

Ron Dixon offered to be a Board member where needed.  Ron Dixon was nominated for a Member-At-Large position.

It was suggested that we Draft Henry Neugass for a Board-Member-At-Large position also.

December meeting will be the presenting of officers, voting, and unlimited Q & A.  Also, Apps. of interest.

There was discussion on Monterey testing and it’s flaws.  

January 2022 meeting is on Mail.  It was suggested that maybe we could do Pages, Numbers, Key Note, and more taking one a month. They will still need to make the final cut.

John Hammil asked if someone would take the Center 50+ questions for Apple Products?

Questions arose on when to return to Center 50+ for in person meetings.

John Walker closed the Board Meeting @ 6:45 pm.

Donna PIkl