March 8th 2022

The meeting was called to order by John Walker at 6:08 pm.

Board members present: John Walker, Donna Pikl, Richard Milewski, Ron Dixon, Ty Davison, Henry Neugass, Donita Zwolak. A quorum was present.

Minutes review:

A motion to accept the minutes of the February 8, 2022 meeting as emailed was made, seconded and carried.

Treasurer’s report:

There were no expenditures and the account balance remains at $371.84.

Old Business:

General meeting topics were reviewed and discussed and it was agreed to continue with current plans. Tonight’s presentation will be Numbers and Ty will be the presenter. Ty will also give a quick update on today’s announcement from Apple. April’s topic will be Keynote.

The return to in-person meetings was discussed. Ty felt the current infection rate was still too high and, in addition, had questions and concerns about air handling and other safety practices at the Center 50+. Others had similar questions and concerns. John will contact Center 50+ to answer our questions and concerns and to clarify their requirements for holding in-person meetings. The Board agreed that it was too early to return to in-person meetings and we will continue with Zoom meetings for the near term.

Richard asked John to ask Center 50+ about early access to the meeting room. He is working on developing the technology for us to have hybrid in-person/Zoom meetings. He will need a minimum of 20 minutes to setup the system before each meeting. Richard also asked John to inquire about a contact for adding SMUG information to various Center 50+ monitors.

New Business:

Donna has resigned as the group’s secretary but has agreed to remain as treasurer for the time being. Ron volunteered to replace her. A motion to appoint Ron as Interim Secretary for the remainder of Donna’s term was made, seconded and carried.

Ron asked if the Secretary was responsible for maintaining an archive of Board minutes. It was decided there was no need since the minutes are kept on the web site.

Ty reported finding some problems with the group’s web site (spelling and password processing). Richard will investigate.

There was a discussion of how to handle the renewal of membership dues once we return to in-person meetings. Ron suggested that we change to yearly dues based upon an even monthly amount with a fixed renewal date for all members. For example: $36 dollars per year due on January 1st. Then new members joining during the dues year would pay a prorated amount (annual dues/12 * number of months remaining until the new dues year). He believes that this would simplify the Treasure’s job. This item will be discussed at a future Board meeting.

Ty updated the Board on the status of personnel at MacAtoZ.

Action items:

  1. Richard will follow up on reported web site problems.
  2. John will follow up on questions and concerns about Center 50+.


John Walker closed the Board Meeting @ 6:48 pm.

Ron Dixon
Interim Secretary