April 12, 2022

The meeting was called to order by John Walker at 6:12 pm.

Board members present: John Walker, Donna Pikl, Richard Milewski, Ron Dixon, Ty Davison, Henry Neugass, Donita Zwolak. A quorum was present.

Minutes review:

A motion to accept the minutes of the March 8, 2022 meeting as emailed was made, seconded and carried.

Treasurer’s report:

There were no expenditures and the account balance remains at $371.84.

Old Business:

Action items:

John reported that he had not yet contacted Center 50+ but planned to do so in the near future.
Richard reported that the web problems that had been identified have been corrected.

May’s general meeting topic will be the Monterey operating system. Ty will be presenting. He hopes to be able to recommend upgrading to Monterey by that time. It looks promising. This month’s presentation will be on Apple Keynote.

The return to in-person meetings was discussed. The Board agreed that it was still too early to return to in-person meetings and we will continue with Zoom meetings for the near term.

The number of attendees at the March Zoom general meeting was 14.

The discussion on how dues will be handled when we return to in-person meetings was discussed. Ron’s proposal from last meeting seemed to be favored. It was moved (by Ty) that, beginning at the second in-person meeting, that we will transition to once a year collection of dues with the amount remaining at $30 per year and that new members will pay a pro-rated amount when they join. The motion was seconded (by Richard) and carried.

New Business:

Richard asked whether he could email all members regarding completing the registration form. The members of the board felt that it was okay to do so. Richard also noted that he had recently added a webmaster’s blog feature to the web site and asked others to contribute. Henry indicated that he was interested.

Ty updated the Board on the status of personnel at MacAtoZ. Kelly Robison, who has vast amount of Apple experience, has joined the firm.

The topic of Zoom etiquette was discussed. Several members commented that the extraneous noises that occur during the topic presentation was distracting and annoying. Ty suggested that he could mute everyone at the beginning of the presentation. Attendees could still ask questions by using Zoom capabilities. It was agreed this was a good approach. Ty will make an announcement at the beginning of his presentation tonight.

Center50+ personnel have made comments that members of the community have asked about SMUG. Richard will draft a short information sheet that Center 50+ can hand out.

Action items:

John will follow up on questions and concerns about Center 50+.
Richard & Henry will work on additional content for the Webmaster’s Blog.
Richard will contact Center 50+ about information sheet.


John Walker closed the Board Meeting @ 6:44 pm.

Ron Dixon
Interim Secretary