November 8th, 2022

The meeting was called to order by John Walker at 6:13 pm.

Board members present: John Walker, Donna Pikl, Richard Milewski, Ron Dixon, Ty Davison, Donita
Zwolak, Henry Neugass. A quorum was present.

Minutes review:

A motion to accept the minutes of the October 11, 2022 meeting was made, seconded and carried.

Treasurer’s report:

The beginning balance was 371.84. Dues were collected from 11 members totaling $330.00. There were no expenditures. Current total balance is $701.84. A motion to accept the treasure’s report was made, seconded and carried.
A discussion about non-payment of dues was held but no action resolution was reached.

Ron asked if a budget for the coming year had to be mailed to the membership in advance. The answer was no.

A discussion was held about the number of pre-paid facility fees remaining. John will clarify with Center50+ staff.

A contract for the facility for the coming year is ready to be signed. John will follow up.

Old Business:
Standing items:

Attendance at the October meeting was 13 in-person and 3 on Zoom.
Ron asked whether it was his responsibility to take general meeting attendance and the answer was yes.


The December meeting will be mostly social and informal but may include a series of topic tables. Ty will be bringing used equipment to be sold or bartered. Everyone else is invited to bring any used equipment they no longer want or need also. Also, everyone was encouraged to bring treats to share.

The Apple HomeKit presentation scheduled for January has been postponed until February.

The January meeting topic will be: Favorite apps for Mac, iPhone, iPad. (Group discussion type event)

Tabled items:

Spark Studio – Nothing new to report.
Mentoring Program – tabled indefinitely.

Board election:

The recommended slate of officers for next year are:

  • President – John Walker
  • Vice-president – Warren King
  • Treasurer – Donna Pikl
  • Secretary – Ron Dixon
  • Webmaster – Richard Milewski
  • Member-at-large – Ty Davidson
  • Member-at-large – Donita Zwolak
  • Member-at-large – Henry Neugass
New Business:

Dues collection – Richard asked whether we should develop a way to electronically collect dues on the
SMUG web site and asked for suggestions. He will continue to investigate solutions but at a low priority.

Web site suggestions – Ron suggested that a copy of the by-laws be added to the web site and Richard
agreed to do so. Ron also suggested that the names and position of the Board members be added to the
web site also. Richard will do after the December election of officers.

Action items:

1. Facilities contract – John
2. Clarify number of remaining pre-paid facility fees – John

3. Web site changes – Richard


John adjourned the Board Meeting @ 7:00 pm.

By: Ron Dixon, Interim Secretary