January 10th, 2023

The meeting was called to order by John Walker at 6:18 pm.
Board members present: John Walker (Z), Warren King, Donna Pikl (Z), Richard Milewski, Ron Dixon, Ty
Davison, Donita Zwolak (Z), Henry Neugass. A quorum was present. *(Z indicates attendance via Zoom.)

Board Election:
The recommended slate of officers will be presented to the general membership at tonight’s meeting.
There have been no last minute changes to the recommended slate.

Minutes review:
A motion to accept the minutes of the November 8, 2022 meeting was made, seconded and carried.
Treasurer’s report:
The beginning balance was $701.84. Dues were collected from 1 member totaling $ 30.00. There were no
expenditures. Current total balance is $ 731.84.

Old Business:
Action items:
There was nothing to report on questions about the facilities fees or contract status.
Richard reported on the SMUG website. The site was updated to comply with California and EU laws on
cookie disclosure, so we’re legal worldwide. He also made the Member Registration form visible in the
right sidebar menu so anyone, anywhere, can register as a member. That had been hidden to avoid
problems with spammers. We made the Zoom link visible to everyone a couple of months ago. Having
that open carries a similar risk, but we’ve had no problems with trolls disrupting the Zoom meetings so he
gured it was a safe move. (Mostly because of VERY low traffic levels on the site).

Richard reminded Board members that he needs a short bio of each of the officers for the web site.

Standing items:

Attendance at the November meeting was 9 in-person and 1 on Zoom.

The January meeting topic will be: Favorite apps for Mac, iPhone, iPad. (Group discussion type
event). The Apple HomeKit presentation scheduled for February has been postponed until March. For the
February meeting, Henry will talk about a small number of methods and mechanisms he uses routinely
that might be applicable to general users. The April presentation will be on the Ventura operating system
for Macs.