Tired of Subscription Software?

As Ty mentioned in the January SMUG meeting, Affinity Photo is a very respectable Photoshop replacement. It has, in my opinion, a vastly superior help system with a vast array of tutorial videos linked to the help menu. It even accepts Photoshop plug-ins and I’ve yet to find something I could do in Photoshop that I can’t do in Affinity Photo.

As I write this version 2 of Afinity Photo is launching and until January 25 they have some very attractive pricing. The MacOS license is $40.99, and the iPadOS license is $11.99. This is not a subscription, a one-time fee gives you a perpetual license to the current major version. V1 came out in 2015, and V2 was released last November. So the cost (even if you miss the January 25 deadline) is a small fraction of Adobe’s subscription, especially for occasional users.

As with PS there are sister products, Affinity Designer, an Illustrator-like program, and Affinity Publisher, an Indesign-like program. Until the 25th, a universal license to all three products on three operating systems (MacOS, Windows, and iPadOS) is $99.00.

Regular pricing is $69.99 for the MacOS apps, $19.99 for iPadOS, and $169.99 for the universal license.

The footnotes in the Wikipedia article have links to lots of reviews.