March 14th, 2023

The meeting was called to order by John Walker at 6:07 pm.

Board members present: 

John Walker, Warren King, Donna Pikl (via Zoom), Richard Milewski, Ron
Dixon, Henry Neugass, Ty Davison, Donita Zwolak (via Zoom). A quorum was present.

Minutes review:

A motion to accept the minutes of the February 14, 2023 meeting was made, seconded and carried.

Treasurer’s report:

Current total balance is $ 791.84. Ron asked Donna to provide a list of paid members. Donna will e-mail it
to him.

Old Business:

Action items:

John reported that the facilities contract was delayed by other activities being performed by Center 50+
personnel (Alvin). Alvin indicated that he would be working on our contract shortly.

Richard reported on the SMUG website. He again reminded Board members that he needs a short bio of
each of the officers for the web site. Richard has posted a copy of the bylaws on the web site and noted
that they were in need of major revision. He has also posted a working copy on the web site for use in the
revision effort. A discussion was held about the best way to update the bylaws. Ty volunteered to lead the

Standing items:

Attendance at the February meeting was 5 in-person and 3 on Zoom.
Program – The March presentation will be Apple HomeKit with a short update on ChatGPT, if time allows.
The April presentation will be on the Ventura operating system for Macs and Henry’s postponed
presentation on Mac Short-Takes will take place in May. June’s presentation will be on Security and
Privacy. July’s will be Apple One.

Tabled items:
  • Spark Studio – Nothing new to report.
  • Mentoring Program – tabled indefinitely
  • Dues collection via website – John and Donna will work at implementing Zelle as an alternative.

New Business:

The Board members began a collaborative effort of reviewing and updating the bylaws. Suggestions were
made and preliminary changes were made to the working copy.

Ron informed the group that he would miss the next two meetings. John will secure a substitute secretary.

Action items:
  • Facilities contract – John
  • Clarify number of remaining pre-paid facility fees – John
  • Web site changes – Richard
  • Bylaws update – Ty and Richard


John adjourned the Board Meeting @ 6:50 pm.

By: Ron Dixon, Secretary