April 11th, 2023

The meeting was called to order by John Walker at 6:09 pm.

Board Members present:

John Walker, Warren King, Ty Davison, Richard Milewski, Henry
Negass, Donita Zwolak, and Donna Pikl.

Ron Dixon was absent.

Minutes review:

Ty Davison moved to accept the minutes as emailed. Donna Pikl seconded the motion. The
motion was passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:

Current total balance is $821.84.

Old Business:

  • Called Alvin from Center 50+ and received no response our contract and our outstanding
    balance with the Center.
  • Richard made some website changes and has posted a copy of the bylaws on the website.

Standing Items:

Attendance at the April meeting was 8 in-person and 0 on Zoom.

  • May – Henry’s Mac Short-Takes (brief descriptions of methods and techniques
    for Apple Mac users) presented by Henry Neugass.
  • June – Security, July – Apple One Bundle
  • August – Summer Break – No meeting.

Tabled Items:

  • Spark Studio – Nothing new to report.
  • Mentoring Program – Tabled indefinitely.
  • Dues collection via website – John and Donna will work at implementing Zelle as an alternative.

New Business:

The Board members began a collaborative effort of reviewing and updating the bylaws.
Suggestions were made and preliminary changes were made to the working copy.

Action Items:
  1. Facilities contract – John
  2. Clarify number of remaining pre-paid facility fees – John
  3. Website changes. – Richard
  4. Bylaws update – Ty & Richard


John Adjourned the Board Meeting at 6:59 pm.

By: John Walker, President