Technical Magic

Artificial Intelligence is the all the rage currently.  People are using online apps such as ChatGPT as though they were actually intelligent, when they often simply assert nonsense.  ChatGPT will, for example, confidently give you instructions on how to drain the radiator in a 1973 VW Superbeetle, a car with an air-cooled engine.

From a start-up named Technical Magic comes Wispy, an AI browser extension that can actually make your browsing experience more productive.

  • Wispy can summarize the web page you’re looking at in prose or poetry.
  • Wispy will proofread a blog post you’re writing, and it can help break even a stubborn case of writer’s block.
  • Wispy can look at a page and separate facts from opinions.
  • Wispy can give you an English text summary of a YouTube video, even one in a foreign language.
  • Wispy will happily suggest side dishes to go with an entree, suggest recipes based on what you tell it is in your fridge, or make suggestions for your next trip to Trader Joe’s.

Wispy has more than 50 “powers” like these and more are being added every day.

Full disclosure:  Wispy was created by friends of mine.

The Technical Magic team is composed largely of former Mozilla employees who have a deep understanding of how browsers work and how they are used.  You can find Wispy at the Technical Magic website.


When I asked Wispy to summarize the blog post above in Limerick form it returned:

There’s an AI named Wispy, you see,
From Technical Magic, it came to be.
It can summarize web pages with flair,
And proofread your blog post with care.
With over 50 powers, it’s quite a spree!

Wispy separates facts from opinions,
And gives YouTube summaries with precision.
It suggests side dishes for your meal,
And even helps with writer’s block ordeal.
A magical browser extension, it’s a true vision!

Created by friends, it’s a delightful creation,
By former Mozilla employees with dedication.
Wispy knows browsers inside and out,
Enhancing your browsing without a doubt.
Find Wispy at Technical Magic’s location!